‘This jail needs to be flushed out and reorganized’

Hello IOA,

My name is Bernard Cheek. I don’t care if anyone see my name. I’m not afraid of any man or woman but Jesus and God. I would like to say the medical screening is a joke here, they don’t have the right size blood pressure cuff for my arm. The commissary is too high for the inmates, GTL is making a killing off of inmate phone calls. The hot tray they sell are very expensive. The c.o.s get wholesome food at very reasonable prices. The inmates pay for the c.o.s food, because Aramark, the jail’s food service provider triples the inmates’ hot tray price. The food that they prepare is frozen and in bulk. For example, a meal for c.o. is $2. One single buffalo chicken sandwich is 3.99, no juice, no chips. The ridiculous thing about this is Aramark makes $500.00 in profit just from one day of hot tray sales. Wow!!! The inmates are the work force in this jail. We need to be compensated for the time we give this jail and treated with respect and common decency. Some areas I see the jail is trying to improve–they have a long way to go. This jail needs to be flushed out and reorganized. These guards (c.o.s) stop doing their rounds after 3 a.m., also. Other than that I have no other issues. I speak my mind, and I bow to no man except God. It’s a few people who care in this jail. I would like to send a shout out to my comrades in this jail. Keep your head up and God bless you.

To Mrs. Dee-Dee Stanback in the kitchen, God bless you, and last but not least, the nurses that work hard in the medical dept., good job ladies. I forget the dentist, the nurse practitioner, and the other black doctor, thank you for your hard work.

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