They need a price check–ASAP

To Who May Concern,

Who in the fuck charges a black man of a crime and put a bond on him of one million dollars? So, basically you’ve made one’s freedom worth one million dollars–that’s just one arrest out of many a day. That shit not even logical. Help this city, it’s sad. No help. 

from a Durham County Inmate

Also, while are in here (jail), the food is harsh and commissary/canteen is ridiculously expensive. And there’s nothing really to eat–it’s mostly snacks. Ramen noodles is 82 cents a pack, that’s 3x as much as if you were at a grocery store. And that’s the closest thing they got for so-called food, or if you wanted to buy a meal other than the over-expensive hot plates. They need a price check ASAP.

Durham County Jail will kill you. You will be hungry, sick, and locked in a cell for most of your time here. Help.

And please check out how they put crazy stuff in our food that makes us sick most days. They put stuff in our food and make us eat it, and it take effect on our bodies daily. Our food and drinks. And they make us eat it. One way or another our body is affected by whatever is put inside of our food and drink.

Head hurts for days

off just ONLY ONE sip.


Being in Durham County Jail

It’s so Unhealthy

Lock us in a room all day

Some time it’s hard to breathe/sleep.

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