DCJ Objective: To cause as much misery and discomfort as possible


How’s it hanging? I pray that God blesses you and all those who are associated with IOA and he provides the resources needed to make a major change, not only in our lives in here but out there in your lives as well. Now what I meant by Durham County Jail “unequivocally causing conflict…” this is the inside scoop. Ever since they met the demands in reference to 3 hot meals a day and serving no more sandwiches (cold meals), our daily meals have gotten worse. I’ll explain, but first let me thank God and give him praise for the little we do receive because there are millions dying because of the lack and severe need of food. “Thank you Father.” Now, to what I was saying…the way DCJ has met the demands was expected…here’s the unequivocally”…they give us three hot meals as day of course (the sowing of conflict), but, every breakfast meal since the change is either grits, large hunks of bread and one pack of peanut butter, and one pack of jelly; or one piece of french toast (which is bread coated in liquid egg) one slot of syrup and oatmeal; or hunks or bread, one slot of what’s supposed to be gravy and oatmeal; or blueberry or cinnamon bread, one piece of soy sausage, and oatmeal/grits every morning. That raised complaints immediately because no one was complaining about breakfast in the beginning as much as sandwiches for dinner every night (sowing conflict). There’s more…they have still been serving sandwiches (cold trays) randomly but considering it a hot tray because of one slot of hot scalloped potatoes…but last Tuesday during lunch they served a complete cold tray…It just gets worse. They have repeatedly (just recently) served us leftover cornbread and mixed rice 3-4 days in a row, as you see I have witnesses. I have heard over a hundred individuals speak facts on other county jails and how much better they eat and how they are not locked back all day. To me it proves Durham County Jail’s purpose and objective is to cause as much misery and discomfort, like I spoke of in my last letter, individuals will want out of this jail any way possible…people look forward to being shipped to other counties for pending charges just to get out of here or accept pleas to just get out of here. It’s psychology 101 (someone who is fixated on things always being their way (rules) to wing them in a specific direction all you do is apply pressure…no one is physically hurting us but they are trying to mentally…”Mind over matter” literally…they should treat us equally because a lot of us only have pending charges, we shouldn’t be treated like the bottom of the barrel. Detainees take notice to this and it is gradually causing internal conflict which over time will develop into external (bad conduct), which gives them ground to put “safety and security” first. Inmates are still smoking in the kitchen and God knows what else. But that’s what I mean by “unequivocally causing conflict”–you can’t see it on the outside unless you are really in here. Similar to a person with depression, they cover it up really well until you take a closer look and sit them down and ask “What’s really going on?” Other than that they seriously slack on the portion sizes terribly. All jokes aside. We go longer from the last meal, which used to be around 5 pm, now it comes at 4 pm, leaving us close to 1 hours to our next breakfast meal the next morning. Canteen is consistently served later than the day it’s initially expected. And the list goes on in here, but until the next time, much love to you brother, be easy and it’s as they say, “One day at a time.” Amen.

“Go get ’em IOA”


Willie M.

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