‘Unprofessional behavior that is unbelievable’: a letter to Chief Judge Marcia Morey

we received this letter and were asked to send it to the judge and to post it online. 

Chief District Court Judge Marcia H. Morey

14th District Court, Durham County Justice Center

510 S. Dillard St.

Durham, NC 27701


May 21, 2016

To: Chief District Court Judge Marcia Morey

This is the president of the First Five Grieving Committee of the Durham County Jail. We are a grieving committee (of jail inmates) that works hand in hand and outside of the Durham Co. Jail. We also work with families, friends, the media and the health department. We also publish any grievance that is not solved on the internet and with the news media. We are writing you this courtesy letter so you can be aware that we have found so much evidence of unprofessional behavior that is unbelievable.

We feel that some may be indictable and some may not. This is why we need you to look into this and respond back to us. We really need your help. We have evidence that all throughout the jail of magistrates working with corrupt police officers in order to hold minorities against their will. For example: a person gets arrested for one bag of heroin, and the drug enforcement officer calls the magistrate and says to him “another dead man walking.” Then it goes from one bag of heroin to a trafficking charge (5 counts), a thousand feet from a school zone. All these “trump up” charges. When he gets to the magistrate’s office, his bond is 1.5 million dollars. This is sad and this is a crime, and I’m asking you who is the real criminal? This is also against our civil rights. With all due respect, when this comes out, some people are gonna be looking bad and in trouble. I, myself, am looking to start a class-action lawsuit. We are hoping that you will at least listen to us and know that we are serious.



Anonymous inmate

(due to fear of retaliation)

Durham County Detention Facility

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