‘The 360’


Hello, thank you for reaching out to me. Most people don’t understand the stress that being locked up in a building brings a person of my kind. My kind is the kind that works every day to make sure the bills are paid, go to school so that I can one day have a better career, give to those in need without looking for return, and being an all-around family man. Being in here has set me back, way back. I lost my job as a manager at McDonald’s and I had to drop out of college. My fiance helps me out a lot. I am glad to have a wonderful person as her and my mother in my life. My fiance takes care of all my bills and responsibilities which is a LOT. Because she has to care for her grandmother who is sick, she has her own business to run, she works and takes care of everything and anything else that needs to be taken care of. She is my blessing from GOD. But, as you know, I’m in here for —. A — that I didn’t do. It’s crazy how they will incarcerate before they investigate.That’s why I’m in here, to show how much power over people the “system” has. I call it the 360–why? You walk for days in a circle, then you take a plea, then it’s hard for you to get a job, so back to the street and police, then back in jail to walk the same circle. Instead of locking people up, help them or find help for them. Instead they need NEW police cars and headquarters. Why? If you’re not going to help the people you hurt. The 360 goes on and on and on with NO ONE trying to find out why or trying to help the people get out of the Hell circle.

Thanks for listening to me. Write and I’ll be glad to write back.

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