‘She did that shit on purpose’

I’ve been going up to visit my fiance with his two kids for two months now every Wednesday. Two weeks ago, all of a sudden, the woman in there, who hadn’t been there on Wednesdays before, she says “Only one kid can go up with you.” I said, “they’ve been going up with me every week.” She points to the sign that says only one per adult. But online when you’re scheduling a visit, it lets you sign up to bring two kids. It won’t let you sign up three kids–that’s too many, but two kids is fine. It doesn’t make any sense. They were going up with me every week. Now all of a sudden they can’t go up and see their dad. I tried to bring one up, and then send him down, and send the other one up, but they wouldn’t let them do that.

So then, last week I go up to see him, this time on a Wednesday with no kids, and I’m waiting there for him, and waiting. Everyone else on his pod is out visiting, but not my fiance. He’s not there. So I go downstairs and ask, ‘did you say he had a visit?’ I go back up, and I’m waiting again. So I go back downstairs. I ended up going up and down 4 different times before I actually saw him, and by that time the visit was just about over. She did that shit on purpose. No doubt in my mind. Cause I had an attitude the week before about the kids not being allowed up. So after wasting my time like that I asked ‘Can I speak to the sergeant?’ But he didn’t do anything. He didn’t get my time back.

And what the hell is going on with the mail? When he first got in there it was 2-3 days for him to get mail. Now, it’s 2-3 weeks for him to get it, and 2-3 weeks for me to get mail from him. I sent him some photos of me (not naked or anything), and he didn’t get it, didn’t get it, and then they came back to me. I went in there and I asked an officer, ‘Is he allowed to get this? Why did it come back?’ He said, ‘that’s fine, he can get those.’ So why didn’t he get them? And why is it taking so long? I’m asking the post office, I’m calling Durham, I’m calling Raleigh, but all signs point to this place being the problem.

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