‘Officers taunted me to kill myself’

May 4th 2016


Sorry it has taken a while to respond to your letters. I’ve been going through some personal issues lately, but to answer your question about us getting three hot meals instead of sandwiches, I’m honestly kind of glad. I was starting to get fed up with those dry-ass sandwiches every night, but as my fellow inmates said, they don’t give us a good enough portion to fill us up…

Nothing has changed in my pod: Same bullshit showers that we’ve been complaining about now for over a year. Mildew is everywhere and for the sake of God I just can’t see how they continue to pass inspection. I don’t know, maybe it’s because the inspector gives the time and date of when they’re coming, so they can hide things and make stuff look good. Then they never allow them to talk to the inmates–it’s like we’re not even here.

But for the most part, I’m tired of these fucking guards thinking they’re better than me because I’m in this fucking orange. I have a couple of them who likes to taunt me in a unprofessional way about my mental health problems and background. Just last week on C squad an officer and another one of his co-workers supplied me with an object to harm myself and taunted me to kill myself. This place is nothing but a hell hole and sorry excuse to con and make money off people. To you, IOA, I thank you and others for standing behind us and the rest of the inmates in DCJ who write about the neglect that goes on in here. And to my fellow inmates: keep your head up and stay strong. You may use this in the newsletter.          -T.E.


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