‘They try to punish you for little things…’

April 21, 2016 (received May 19)

Dear —

I’m doing good, keeping my head high. I’m ready to go home, this ain’t no place for anybody, they treat us like animals and talk to us any type of way. They crazy how they let that wonderful man (Matthew McCain) die. They don’t want to be doing they job. 

The commissary be so high and the phone calls, too. I don’t get to talk to my people like that, and the things I’m seeing in here: c.o.’s treating certain people different and that’s not right, and things i’m going through is been treated wrong–short walks, uncooked food and unhealthy food, bugs be in the drinks, gnats be flying around this jail nasty, and they don’t take us to court. They try to punish you for little things and medical charging you 20 dollars if you go down there. Yes, i would like to help y’all get night walks back and stuff. I’m staying strong, I know God got me and watching my cast. The pod officers don’t care about us at all. They say bad things and they try to frighten you and wish bad on you and write you up if they in the wrong. But write me back–thanks for caring.   –M.C.

One thought on “‘They try to punish you for little things…’

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