‘It’s the little things that get a smile on our faces in here’


It was great to receive your letter…it made me laugh. I was thrilled to see the pictures of Edward Crawford in Ferguson. Thank you guys! It is yet another dreary day in the pokey. I was startled today when I opened my lunch tray to the scent of real meat! Although you could tell it was a hamburger patty of mostly soy, I could see, smell and taste hints of meat. Most likely it was road kill of an unknown variety and not beef. Maybe it was bison? Maybe it was skunk or even turtle meat. The good thing was that we were served actual meat for a change. It’s the little things that us inmates get a smile on our faces about in here. Sad but true. Also on the brighter side, the hot water was turned up again. I think the water temperature situation in here is very strange. One day it’s no pressure and cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, and the next day the pressure is back at normal and hot enough to scald the feathers off a duck. Then there is the situation with the drains. These pipe-snaking, valve-wrangling, porcelain-praying, tap pirates have tried and tried to unclog a few drains in here with no success. On occasion, black nasty filth rises out of the shower drains and mop closet drains and onto the pod floor. It reeks of sewer gas, drain cleaner, and all the numerous elements that obstruct the flow. Crazy, isn’t it? Then we gotta clean the mess with the mop head that we clean our rooms with?!? WTF!!! Some occasions they tell us that if we don’t clean our rooms then we can’t come out of our cells. I don’t disagree with their reasoning to clean cells, but at least supply us with a clean mop head!! Shit, I haven’t seen a damn toilet brush in this pod in over 8 months! I don’t know what’s going on with the lack of mopheads. Maybe some officers are dyeing the strings and using them for some hair weaves or something. This place is ridiculous and I’m really looking forward to walking out these front doors and flipping the bird and hopefully never returning. Well, I do appreciate your writing and your prayers. You are in my prayers and thoughts as well…Still in here…goin…feelin strong. –Brandon Jayne


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