So, which one are you…?


How are you doing out there? I hope yall doing ok and the movement is great, too. I got that mail last week sometime, the feedback I like. Oh, I got them books and that booklet, too, that’s talking about the deaths, too, need more booklets like that for everyone to read. I got to say yall doing a great job about putting out there. Us in jail love yall for that, too. I’m doing ok in here, just taking it one day at a time, too…I’m going to say that the jail and court system is fucked up, too…
I’m really ready to put this all behind me and to move on in life, fuck jail and prison, they do you wrong when you in the inside, smh. It’s a lot of people who be reading these feedback and like them. I be talking to all my friends in here, and they be thanking me for putting them on to yall and I know there is more…I also got a few d.o. who be reading these and they be loving, too, smh.

Oh, and they still got Boria working here, but got him working in the hole and his ass need to be fired, he still working in 3D every blue moon. I send my love to them families who lost their loved ones in this bullshit ass jail/system. I got a few things to put in the news:

I send my love to everyone in the jail who fighting for their life, just know God is on your side…Mr. Biggz “Coward with Power”

Fuck the justice system—they money hungry, if you don’t got money you a nobody to them…Mr. Biggz

  • Prisoner = A person locked down beyond his/her will…
  • Inmate = House nigga. A person who is ok with his/her surrounding by doing good in the police face to be rewarded, and they be telling…
  • Convict = A person who bucks the system and fuck the rules…
  • Comrade = a person who stays together, each one teach one and hold each other down and fight to the end and loyal, too…

So which one are you, at the end of the day we got to be together and stand for our rights and fuck the system…I also got to shout out all the good d.o., too, and thank yall for the things yall be doing for us and yall know who yall are, too. Oh, to the bad one, Fuck yall and go to hell. I’m out. The realest : Dexter Poteat, aka Mr. Biggz

“Fuck the Police”

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