‘I love writing, especially when we are trying to get something positive accomplished’


How are you? I’m doing ‘good’ as expected considering these negative circumstances: If I worry about the negative things in here, my time would go by slower and more painful; so I don’t worry. I am just very concerned about the jail and the judicial system! You all on the outside help to build my hopes up high to know that someone is fighting for us inmates in the DCDF. I received your letter today, 13th of April. I got the copies of the FFGC statements that you typed up and Xeroxed—thanks a bunch. I am glad that you shared our concerns and grievances with others on the street. I think that’s a good, strong idea. I love writing, too, and especially when we are trying to get something positive accomplished. If you want to visit let me know. You can visit whenever you can! I will be looking forward to the protest near the April 17th date which is the IOA anniversary (of the lockback protests)!!

I will give you the names of the others that may want to write and/or want to receive a copy of feedback.

I think if we could all work together and be on strike by not ordering any snacks or foods from Ararmark Food Inc. or if the ‘Trustee Dorm’ stop working, things would change more quickly…Sometimes in here it is hard to bring people together in unity…Also the detention officers do not want us communicating with another pod, probably for fear of us uniting together. Maybe if I could visit all the pods, it could be possible, but they won’t let us do that. Thank you for the stamps and I hope to hear from you all again soon. I have mailed some letters to internal affairs, fox 50, NAACP, etc., and once again that you for your support.


Enclosed are some of the prices of Aramark Foods Inc. that is t

oo high for us inmates
















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