Durham utilizes crime, poverty and despair to tear at the infrastructure of America



This is Jason L., sorry I haven’t had the chance to write you as often as I would have liked to. I’m trying to work my time away and I am within 24 days of release from this God-forsaken hellhole I have been caged up in for the past 13.5 months! I would like to express my thanks to you and all of the people out there fighting to have voices of men and women trapped here for various insufficient reasons. Also, thank you for posting our letter in this last issue of “feedback.” I can say V– has been released and I hope he is doing well! However, there are still hundreds of people here who have been here for longer than I, and will continue to reside here for longer after I am gone! What happened to the right to a “fair and speedy trial?” I happens to be in our bill of rights? I know of an individual in here who is being held on on obscene bond for a crime to which the state has absolutely NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER…His jury has told the D.A. they have nothing on this man and will lose their case and this man will be released, not before the state, however, gets the sentence they would be awarded had he been convicted? WTF? How is this criminal action by the state of North Carolina overlooked and condoned? Hello?? People? Wake the Fxck up!! This criminal action happens all the time! People who are unaware of what their government along with their tax dollars are going towards…This is what happens when government gets “TOO BIG”. Oh yeah, we all want what our government has to offer, free this, free that, affordable bullshit at what price? I will tell you the price, oppressive governing! How long will dumbed-down america continue to allow your local and state and ultimately federal government to completely take over every aspect of our lives? What are there “drug-related crimes?” Why do we have 798 DWI charges filled over St. Patrick’s Day weekend? Why do we have domestic violence charges filled ever day? Why does the Durham Police Department not notice a .22 caliber pistol on a detainee all the way into booking at DCJ before he shoots an officer?

Why do we have these problems in our society? Crime is big business! That’s why! Durham and every other county utilizes crime, poverty, and despair, to tear at the infrastructure of America! You don’t see the wealthy stealing cars, breaking & entering or other petty crime. No, because they are comfortable in their palaces, and heavy bank accounts. No, come here to DCJ and you see the poor, the downtrodden, poverty at its rawest nature. You find homeless people, men and women who will gladly commit a petty crime just to get taken off the streets in winter. You find women who sell their dignity to feed themselves, and/or whatever habit they have developed, to cope with hopelessness. You have a society of “haves” and a lot of “have nots.” When a person is given a “have-not” hand in life, it’s amazing what they will do to get by…

And the State knows this, and they feed of it. They don’t want to “reduce crime.” Hell, no. All these fat, lazy fuckers who work here would be out of a job! (No benefits, vacation time, etc.!) The truth here is the state doesn’t want to “correct” their own problems, if anything they want to promote more crime, more violence…Just watch Channel 11 News every night! Who got shot, robbed, killed, and how lawmakers need to strengthen their efforts to stop it. And how? By diminishing the rights of supposed “Free Americans!” This promoting “Bigger Government” economic infrastructure is very complex and sensitive. You can’t take away industry and fabrication from a community who depends on it to sustain life, pay bills, mortgages, car payments, all of which you need to support a family or a life in general. After that is removed so is the money it generates along with it, and in the wake is left a starving pack of hungry humans who turn to alternate means of sustaining life–i.e., drugs, crime, etc. There are literally hundreds of men in here for child support….how can they pay when they are incarcerated? Oh and btw, their child support payments continue even when they are incarcerated, only to keep them further in debt to the state…And what? Some miracle happens when they get out? And magically find thousands of dollars to pay it off?? Hell, no, they get hauled back here to DCJ in 6 months to serve more time, generating more $ for the state, paid for by the federal government!

I could seriously go on and on, but it’s pointless. Reform needs to start happening in our state and our country! And it can only happen by people becoming more aware of what this so-called “Big Brother” does behind the curtain of closed doors. Don’t just mindlessly vote on election day for and out of popularity…PAY ATTENTION to what is being voted on and who is being voted into our, and I say that with AUTHORITY…OUR governing positions, because this country still ultimately belongs to the PEOPLE! Not the governing force that resides over the people! I am only one voice, one opinion, but it’s a biased opinion because I’ve been on the receiving end of American Justice, and let me tell you, it sucks! But what sucks even more is that for some there is no way out! The government will dog and hound them for the rest of their lives. That my friend, is hopelessness. Our government shouldn’t do this to people and shouldn’t allow it to continue…

I pray every night for these people in here. And I myself am in here as well, but there is a reason I’m here, to see for myself the need to help fix a problem! Yes, my problem put me here, Yes, I have learned what not to do. Did it require this much of my life? Probably not. But there’s the “trap.” I won’t be back here, but many have and will continue to come back here. I’ve seen it firsthand!

Anyway, I appreciate you writing me, and allowing me to vent. I’m frustrated not as much at this place as the governing force that allows this place to exist. I hope it can be changed. Fixed if you will…I would rather see the people in here thought of more as people not cattle and money…People who need help!

Thank you for helping!


Jason Larson

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