‘Try to be stuck up in a room all day…that’s something to be depressed about’

Man a lot has changed around here since I last wrote IOA, but most of it has been for the good. We now get three hot meals a day. We’re still dealing with a few small problems like the side of the pod I’m on most of the rooms don’t get hot water, and Sgt Davis said that they will be in to fit it, but they still have not. 

And the mail lady everybody could find something wrong with her job. She holds pictures for days and books, too. I think she needs to be fired. I have nothing more to say when some of these officers come to work and be mad cause they have some bullshit going on at home, and then they try to take it out on us. Them motherfuckers should be happy they get to go home every day. Try to be stuck up in a room all day with a motherfucker telling you what to do, then that’s something to be depressed about.


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