‘Thanks for letting us say what’s on our minds’



How are yall doing? I got to say Thank yall for what yall is doing. I like reading the newsletter and it be a lot of good things in there, too. Oh, and thank you and yall for (offering) to be in the court room for me, but I’m good, just keep do what yall do best. I go to court next month…

I’m ready to leave this fucked up jail behind and move on with life, you feel me? I’m in 3D now and I can’t see yall no more outside, but I be seeing yall on the news. I know in the future things going to get better for us in the jail, because things that’s going on now is not right. I’m all about helping the people in here, and again thank yall for letting us say what’s on our minds, too. I got two more names too, they would like to get the newsletter and they might got a few things on their mind, too: — and —. So the newsletter #16 when you send me one, you can also send one to them. Oh, somebody had drawn something to put in the newsletter, too. We the jail inmates shout yall out all the time. We love yall out there, too. Oh and you right, the Jail Kills, so we (inside) the jail say “Fuck 12!” Take care all. I’ll do te same. I’ll have something next time after I get newsletter 16 or before I leave here…

-Don Biggs

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