‘I watch inmates rush to take plea bargains’


First off I would like to thank you for writing me and for your concern in DCJ. I have been here for a while and being locked back 16 ½ hours a day can drive me crazy at times. On top of that they run the A/C all year round and only give us one blanket and yes, it’s freezing like hell. I’m not understanding—we already locked up, what more do they need?

The food here is extremely disappointing—sandwiches every night. Canteen is just too high. I sit here and watch inmates rush to take plea bargains, not caring what it is just to get out of here in the blink of an eye because nobody wants to do time under these conditions making us feel like slaves. This jail is bullshit. They will have you sitting for years until a case is taken to court. You liable to forget your case by just going mentally crazy in here. I’m a first-time offender and they treat people with the worse records better. I could seriously go on for days, but I’m sure I’m not the first. The protest on 3/4/16 was amazing—I seen it from my window. If you have any feedbacks I haven’t gotten or your most recent one, I’d like to read them. That’s all you can do locked back over half of the day anyways. And if there are any urban books or similar I’d appreciate them as well.

Thanks, Inside-Outside Alliance.


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