‘The professionalism here is at an all-time minimum’


I welcome all letters, info and visitations at all times that are available (permanently–T.K.)


I’m Tony King and let me first start off by saying my name may be used in any positive form of light that helps contribute to the awareness of what I.O.A. stands for within its public and private affairs. I must admit I am far from a perfect person; however, I am a good person, a person that believes that right is right, and wrong is wrong. With that being said, let me also say I’ve read several feedbacks and agree with all of the accusations that others have made in regards to the Durham County Jail. Now I myself would like to shed some light on some of what my observations have come to see. Well, it’s so many where do I begin? I’ve witnessed officers one in particular, officer Neil (a woman) working 4C pod take her phone off the hook and set it on her computer monitor for at least 30 minutes ignoring all inmates’ calls, emergency or not, as well as deny myself and others access to church services held by volunteers with no legitimate justification. Which I filed a grievance and have yet to get a response almost 2 weeks now. Also, the professionalism here is at an all-time minimum, the officers curse at you and even fraternize with inmates on the lines of subordination. I also along with many freeze in my cell due to lack of heat, being told by Lt. Col. Perkins that the building has to settle—whatever that means. However, it’s been almost 2 months and I guess the building is still settling, so there’s limited efficient heat. We’re also served 2 hot meals and 1 cold—the cold meal is served as dinner, it ranges from peanut butter and jelly to bologna sandwiches for dinner and for lunch you get a meal, the point is you eat 1 cold sandwich at 4:00 pm, which doesn’t hold you off until 7:00 am the next morning. A lot of these things can be witnessed with observation of audio and surveillance footage. I personally feel that OSHA should pop up to check things out. I think they’d be surprised at what they’d find, maybe even shut down the jail until further notice. Also, as I was writing this letter the head nurse addressed my concerns about the med situation, and she was fair and very understanding as she could be and I was pleased with her specifically and how she handled my grievance. As I carry on, the mats that they give us to sleep on are very stiff and usually flat without any sterile covering. So, as I bring my letter to an end, I strongly feel that the DCJ is very unprofessional, understaffed and lacks the sincerity of the fact that we’re all human beings despite our mistakes. If there was anyone I’d acknowledge for their dedication and extremely hard work would be Mrs. Kelly Egnazak. Her work is greatly appreciated 365 days a year.


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