‘Can’t keep writing because I’m low on cash’

Dear IOA,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your time and energy to write me, and also for the “feedback” newsletter. I’m overwhelmed to witness people like yourself and others who still care about us here in Durham County Hell. I’m also passing the newsletter around the pod and I can say that some of the guys are interested and wanted to share their story also. I don’t know if it’s ok to give your mailing address out. I just told them to write their letter and I will pass it on. Well I go to court — on my birthday. I just want out. Everything I read in the feedback newsletter is true. Nasty food to the high ass canteen and the pod officer call you out of your name and ready to beat you up and taze the shit out of you. They charge you to seek medical help. I’m breaking out all over my back with little red bumps, but can’t afford to go to medical. Everything costs so I can’t keep writing you because I’m low on cash. I been here since (January) and I’ve spent over $290.81 and that does not include collect phone calls home. I’m tapped out. Thank you for your concern, so I just wanted you to know, but I can’t write no more without stamp. God Bless.

I. G.

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