‘The judicial branch of government is made to recycle us’


I’m glad you put me in the newsfeed. I was shocked when I was going through the feedback and ran across my letter, but I was mad when I got to the end and saw the initials –. I don’t know what they stand for, but let me tell you something bro, I’m far from afraid of any sheriff, police officer, deputy or c.o. They bleed like I do so don’t ever hide my name in the feeds, bro, Thomas Clayton (TomTom) should be the first and last thing you see when you read a feedback from me. I want them to know I’m who coming for them. As much as I enjoy everything you all do I sometime try to avoid reading the feedbacks, reason being, aside from my own problems I ran across in my 3 years being here, when I read about others’ problems and how they’ve been treated my heart goes out and I honestly want to answer these officers violence and disrespect with just that. But I am only one man. I’m a man of common sense though. And even though my common sense tells me I (we) can’t win that way, another part of me says, at any given day it’s almost 50 to 60 of us in one pod. It’s not that many c.o.’s in the whole jail, and when they beating an inmate for something it takes eight of them. This is their game though, and the only way to beat them is unity. The best defense is to know your opponent’s strategy. For our opponent, it’s divide and conquer. Think about it. Why you think they love reclassing us? Or, when you have co-defendents they try their best to separate you? It’s common sense. You can’t strategize a defense if you’re not together (divide and conquer). It’s hard to unite and come together in a pod if they keep reclassing (divide and conquer). I just want all my fellow brothers in this struggle I’m going through to open your eyes and ears. We got to do better.

I have a civics book and I been studying. I found out that the founders of the United States would sit down and map out our government and the constitution. To make things “equal” to figure out the laws, etc. My point is ladies and gentlemen, this shit was all part of a plan. It didn’t just so happen to come about. The judicial branch of the government was made to recycle us, to keep down and them up. Us back and them forward. They base their government off of wealth, knowledge and power. Well, knowledge is power and we need it to beat them at their game along with unity. Anyways, just thoughts of mine I think while counting blocks. I start trial in —. Pray for me.

Shout out Levi; OB; Jacks, Hit, RadLo; Biggs (even though he ain’t shout me out) lol; Q; Young; Rick; Dough boy; Rio; Santana; Chan; Shi money; Fattz; Fella.

Real Soldiers gone make it yall. They winning now, but real soldiers gon’ win in the end because we unbreakable. I salute y’all.

Tom Tom

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