‘Being treated equally is not in the math!’

Dear —

How are you? I hope all is well and that you are making progress in your efforts to support the inmates of the Durham D.C.J…Well I received your letter a couple weeks back. I guess it would be better to say last year lol, but anyways it was nice of you to write me back. I was in the window that night you all had the street blocked off and wouldn’t let anyone through. Power is in numbers and you all have surely proven that…Hard work and perseverance brings forth results and you all are working super hard for us and I want to thank you and the rest of inside-outside alliance for all help, care and support.

So I see you said in your letter they are supposed to be investigating the jail? That’s a start, but these people will find some kind of way to cover up their mess—they always do…And they don’t care if the food is nasty, cause they don’t have to eat it! They don’t care if the showers are not clean cause they don’t have to bathe in them. They don’t care that the mats are sour and every 3 days someone is bitten by a spider. You know why they don’t care? Cause they only work here, as they say. Let me ask you something: how do you feed a man one piece of toast? A small thing of “oatmeal?” SMH…I understand that this is jail, but it’s not the 1800s where prisoners are just fed ‘bread and water.’ And being treated equally is out of the question—you can forget that, it’s not in the math! If being treated equally was part of the ‘plan’ I wouldn’t be in jail!! But that’s a whole other problem by itself dealing with the Durham Police Department!!

But back to this jail thing…I don’t think nothing will really change until the one’s higher up on the pole getting fired…Until then, this is Durham County and this is their jail or prison  or whatever they call it these days and they run it how they see fit! Well, —, it was nice writing again. Until next time, keep the movement strong!!



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