‘Matt could still be here if it weren’t for those who neglected him’

We would like these questions answered–by Christine and Brittany Byrd

Because everything about Matthew’s death is still being swept under the rug:

We know Matthew had an altercation with another inmate. Where was this altercation? If it was in his cell, how did the person get in? Why didn’t someone stop this fight much sooner?

They’re trying to say he refused help. If he was knocked out, how did he refuse help?

Why weren’t the emergency calls of other inmates answered?

On the day of his death, why did the jail website say he was released when he was not released—he was dead. Why can’t they tell it like it is?

No one from the jail or sheriff’s department has had any contact with our family and we have gotten no information. They think we had a funeral and that’s that. That is not the case.

The family is still grieving and they’re not trying to speak out too much. But we are.

Justice will be served. He could still be here with his family and friends today if it weren’t for those who neglected him.

#Justice for Matt



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