‘Boria has endangered the lives of everyone’

To: Everyone out there                                                                                                        CC: Personal files

From: Pod 3D

Date: Feb 29, 2016

Re: Violations of Inmate Rights that has been protected by the Constitution and state law

We are respectfully reporting that officer Erick Boria has intentionally and willfully violated the unlawful and professional conduct at a workplace policy, which was put in place to form a more perfect union at a workplace, so we may secure the blessings of liberty and justice while waiting on the court process.

Officer Boria has violated the order by imposing vindictive retaliation, creating a hostile and unsafe environment that has put the inmates at high risk of losing complete control and failure to respond reasonably and respectable to perform his job description in a professional and suitable manner. These findings are as follows: 

1.) On the 29th day of February 2016, officer Boria came into pod 3D and taunted the entire pod because he said he read some comments that inmates wrote about him to the newspaper feedback.

2.) He said that in his retaliation he would give everyone a hard time, because of the comments posted and would not respond to the inmates requesting needs that are under his job description, and he promised to make everyone’s stay here a living hell, and for us to go and write that to the newsletter. Then he laughed…

3.) This has created an unsafe environment because of his chaos and refusal for request of better conditions.

a.) His refusal to turn the phone on at the right time, refusal to let us out from our cells at the completion of lockdown, refusal to turn the TV volume to a respected level, refusal of inmates the right to medical care in a timely fashion, refusal to let them out of their cells to take their medications.

b.) He has also lied to the medical nurse about inmates refusing their meds just so he doesn’t have to let them out. He has denied inmates the full amount of rec time all while making unjustified and smart remarks.

4.) He has created an unsafe work zone and has endangered the lives of everyone.

a.) He sleeps on the job and ignores inmates trying to make requests for help, tissue, medical and anything we may need that requires his help.

b.) He uses the intercom and pod phone for his own personal gain and entertainment, and when he’s not using it, he takes it off the hook and doesn’t answer it for inmates.

However, officer Boria’s actions and behavior are not fairly based upon any legitimate policy, procedures or guidelines. He is unfit and a complete danger to the welfare of the inmate population where he has caused mischief and wrongdoing. He has already played a major role in the death of one inmate by refusing him medical attention and to answer his intercom call for help. How many more incidents does it take?

Therefore, we have made aware to the rightful officials of his completely unlawful behavior and we are respectfully asking that all necessary measures be taken in a timely fashion to resolve this matter.

Please let the record show that we ask for full immunity from prosecutorial vindictiveness. In which it protects inmates from retaliation from officers. In which inmates has filed complaints or grievances. A complete copy in detail has been forwarded to the city attorney Patrick Baker and to the sheriff’s office.

Boria should be removed from all duties that surrounds the inmate population and matters of inmates’ safety!!

(F**k 12)

Biggs and Twon

Here is something on Boria ass to put in the feedback. Oh, and make sure that all of us that y’all know in the jail get this feedback with that in it. I would like a copy ASAP. Not trying to rush you but don’t know how much longer I’ll be here…So y’all keep doing what y’all do and thank you for everything y’all doing for us out there. -Mr Biggs


from AmplifyVoicesInside: If possible, we would appreciate if anyone could provide us with photo or drawing of Officer Boria. Send it to insideoutsidealliance@gmail.comimagemissing

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