Five poems for Friday: ‘Alone we can overcome some. Together the limits pass the sun!’


In the Eyes of the Warrior

In the eyes of a warrior a trial is an opportunity to get stronger.

In the eyes of a warrior pain is another way to gain.

In the eyes of a warrior the struggle births soldier.

In the eyes of a warrior the revolution is a state to get further.

In the eyes of a warrior battle is salvation.

In the eyes of a warrior their life is dedicated towards the nation!




Remember the pain that our race has endured, now we reflect the pain to each other for sure.

Remember the struggle and the beautiful souls we’ve lost, remember our ancestors who’ve paid the ultimate cost.

Remember the injustice, and how we were bought, the chains of bondage that ravaged our hearts.

Now imagine the rebel with all these memories

And the strength in which he will conquer his enemies!


My family tree has so many links!

The solitary ambition will never be extinct!

The strength of my family will never unwind

We will only get stronger with death and time!



(Arabic for trials and tribulations)

Battles – Death – Poverty – Racism – War – Oppression

Wounded with no options in hand, will you give up on hope

Or will you stand firm and take a stand?

To withstand trials put into place for your development is progress,

But to coward away for trouble and beg for mercy

Is placing substantial mental and physical repression!

For God has given us a test, to see if we can achieve our

Destiny’s heights, tribulations are the wind beneath our

Wings to set us upon a successful flight!


The Lion, Part 2: The Realization

As the Lion grazed into the sun and contemplated on his journey home

He wondered, “Can I make it by myself all alone?” His companion of

Many months, the bee, passed by and announced, “Oh, not by yourself,

You just chose abandonment because of your pride, oh Lion, when

Will you ever learn alone we can overcome some but together the limits pass the sun!”

The Lion shook his mane as he digested this realization, rose his head and roared:

“I will deliver my brothers and sisters from the oppression of this evil nation!”


For you are not alone! The struggles of existence chain down all!

The search for freedom is the road traveled by those who know!

Without action of today, tomorrow contentment of your conditions will show!

–The Lion



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