One letter, multiple voices: ‘They do not listen or care what happens to us…’

the following letter features multiple writers. it was clearly passed from one to another inmate, like a telephone.


My name is Vincent. I am writing to you to inform you of what is going on here at DCJ. I put in a sick call for Blood PSI issues around lunch yesterday, 2-19-16 (11 a.m.) Willburn came to get me at 6 p.m. When I got there the nurse took my vitals. BP was 150/90, pulse was 100 and I informed her the meds I was prescribed was making me sick, for months prior. They refused to give me information on the meds they were giving me which indicate the side effects of these drugs. The nurse then informed me to keep taking the drugs. So no treatment was given to me. I am still waiting to see the doctor. They took 20 dollars from my account. These people in medical here do not know what they are doing. They do not listen or care what happens to us because we are inmates. The same can be said for the Aramark Co. The canteen here has ridiculously high prices on simple food items. I feel they are financially taking advantage of us here. The food is horrible and if we want anything better we have only overpriced Aramark CRAP!


Me writing now. My name is Jason, I have written to you all before. I myself got sick back in September, after 3 weeks of being sick with a respiratory problem I went to sick call, was charged 20 dollars and put on antibiotics, which did help, but the nurses couldn’t get my prescription correct. Every day they were switching up my dosage because they were incompetent of reading simple instructions!? WTF?


I talked to several inmates in 3D when Matthew McCain died and I can assure you the staff did NOTHING to help that man! He was DEAD when the medical staff got to him, whatever DCJ says they are lying to cover their own asses. He went into a diabetic seizure and tried to alert the pod officer who refused to take action to help the poor man until AFTER it was too late. I do not unfortunately know the name of the officer on duty. My condolences to his family.


I have never experienced racism or prejudice in my life. I love all people regardless of their color, ethnic background, etc. But being here at DCJ for almost 12 months I have experienced prejudice first hand. The staff here are extremely prejudiced against ALL inmates. I understand we are in jail. Yes we all have committed some crime against the system, we here have rebelled against a broken system and stepped outside of the proverbial “box of conformity” but that gives no human being (the right) to treat another human being the way they do here. Not all officers are this way. Some are decent people, and treat us with respect. I could go on and on about all I’ve witnessed here, but I’m almost done with my time and will speak with you guys after I’m out. Perhaps we can help change to happen here for the men and women who are still here!



Mr. Cook was fired from the kitchen for asking an inmate to suck him off. Why does it go unheard of?



I’ve had a severe toothache for over three days and I’ve put in numerous medical requests and I’ve only been seen once by a nurse who assured me I would see a doctor. Now over the period of three days my gums and mouth have become infected and I’ve developed an abscess inside my mouth and it’s causing more pain. I’ve told the medical staff sergeants and officers over and over again. They walk around saying it’s nothing they can do if I even get that response. My infection isn’t getting any better, only worse, and they still won’t even see me in medical. I truly need antibiotics or to be seen at the hospital by a doctor, but like I said they seem to refuse to see or treat me and by me being an inmate in the custody of the Durham County they are responsible for me because I’m under their care.  -CG

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