‘Deliver a powerful blow to buckle the oppressor’s knees…’

Dear brother within the struggle!

Don’t beat yourself up, lol. I’ve been fine, your delay of your letters only shows you’re working hard!…

We must look at these deaths within this institution as nothing more than human disregard. NOTHING MORE. You may have already realized this I’m sure of that but the next question is what to do about it, what’s the next plan of action. The total system must take a substantial hit. Families must file civil suits! If needed the IOA must provide legal aid. An economical hit will shake this jail to its knees. It has already been exposed, now you must deliver a powerful blow to buckle the oppressor’s knees. This is war—our strategies of protesting and demands must be placed on hold, you  and the vanguard must take it to the next level, their courtroom! We see injustice, contact a lawyer and see what all civil suits you can file and file them even if you do not succeed in court (well I highly doubt you won’t) you’ll still keep them at your toes! All angles must be targeted, all stones must be overturned! If these individuals die in vain w/o your organization pursuing this you’re not practicing true revolution, you’re just making noise and I’m sick of that!

I go to trial to defend myself this month and if all goes well I should be released soon! I will make a change! As sure as the soul of George Jackson and the blood of Huey P. Newton run through me, I will not stand by and watch my race deteriorate any longer. After I achieve financial stability I will change conditions inside and out!

I’ve enclosed a few poems. I know my writing has become a little dry!

…The Lion


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