‘It’s like telling these doors to open themselves and let us go’

(Note: the date on the following letter is correct—the envelope had multiple post marks, and seemed to have been opened before going out—editors)

Feb 3, 2016


I’m doing ok, just another day in jail. Thanks for writing. I don’t really know too much about the death of Matthew McCain, but I know the guard that was working that pod (Erick Boria) the day it happened is very lazy—all he does is sit at the desk either reading a book or looking at TV. He doesn’t do his rounds every 15 minutes like a lot of other guards here.

I’m still on administrative segregation. Major Couch refuses to move me so I’m stuck in pod 3B locked behind my door 22 ½ hours a day. It’s 8 other inmates stuck in this pod with me and we’re allowed to do next to nothing. No GED/school program, STARR/Grad or church. We’re allowed 1 ½ hours a day out of our cell which is sad because none of us has gotten in trouble within a six month time period. Sitting in this cell 22 ½ hours a day is very hard on me because I’m not active at all and lot of the time I have nothing to do which gives me way too much time to stare at the walls and think, which is bad because I get depressed very quickly. I’ve talked to Major Couch about my situation more than once. Even the jail mental health worker Ms. Kelly backed me up saying that I should be given more privileges but nothing has yet happened. Andrews and Couch could care less about what goes on or happens to the inmates in DCJ. So at this point I’ve given up on trying to go to them for help because it’s like telling these doors to open themselves and let us go.


TR Evans

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