‘There is a lot of c.o.’s who hate y’all–we say fuck them’



How are you? I hope this letter gets to you in good spirits. I’m sorry it took me a hot min to get back at you. I just had a lot going on with my case and I been here going on 19 months, too. SMH. I got to say I do be getting all your letters, too. I also want to thank you all for them feedbacks, too. I like them a lot and whenever y’all put one out just make sure I get one. I got the January 2016 Volume 14, that’s the last one I got. I got to say I got a few c.o.’s who like to read them, they be waiting on me to get the new ones. LOL. I got to say we the detainees just want to say thank y’all for everything y’all is doing and keep on. There is a lot of c.o.’s who hate y’all and be talking shit about the feedbacks, too, but we say fuck them; keep it up. Oh, just to let you know no I haven’t got no feedback on the top 10, but as long as it’s out there. I’m now in 3-D where that boy die at and we putting something together but not done. I put a lil’ something on the back of this letter for now, but by time y’all put the new feedbacks out and I get them (going), we will have it ready for you. So take care and we going to stay strong for y’all.


on reverse side:


First of all I just want to say to all in the jail, stay strong and just that God is going to take care of us (God always gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers). I also want to shout out a few people like: Jax, Rex, RodLo, G, Santana, Short, One, Fella, Rick, Young, Mel Brittany, Jessica, Smiley, Ellis, Ghost, Kasper and so on to the pods: 4C, 4D, 3D, 5A, 5D, 5C, 5B, 4A, 4B, the hole and shout out to the one and only Biggs. We all going home soon. Just have faith. I got to say I hope they do shut this jail down and let the feds take it over, because they not doing a good job and a lot of these c.o.’s don’t care about us, and it’s a few who do care and trying to help, too—I send my love to them. I don’t know why I didn’t put Boria’s name on the Shyt List—that goes to show you it’s more like him who don’t give a fuck about us. He don’t want to do shit but watch The Walking Dead on TV and lock us back for dumb shit. He didn’t answer the emergency call. We the detainees feel like he should not be working the pods no more and he needs to be out of a job. Until next time…Biggs.

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