“A blatant lie and coverup”

Hello Brother G___,

My real name is ________________.  I appreciate all that the Alliance is doing, for the brothers and sisters that are incarcerated in the Durham Co. Detention Facility.  Thanks for allowing our voices to be heard.

Concerning brother McCain, I only know what I heard through the grapevine and the newspaper.  I hope that whoever is responsible, gets prosecuted to the fullest, cause it is a shame that this tragic incident happened.

There are two other incidents that happened, that has be concealed from the public/community.  One is criminal in nature and the other is immoral and unethical, and I hope that something can be done to keep this from ever happening again.

On 12/17/2015, around 0800 hrs, a medication nurse, give knowingly, an inmate (a close friend), unprescribed medication (100-200 mg seroquel).  A direct result of trying the said medicine, the inmate was taken to Duke Regional Hospital’s ER, in a semi-conscious state.  This facility in cahoots with Duke Regional, said the cause of his condition was from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Eleven inmates, two aramark employees, and one detention officer (kitchen security) were all in the kitchen, from 0400 hrs until the incident.  None of us were affected by this carbon monoxide.  Why?  A blatant lie and coverup.  This inmate has not been allowed to return to kitchen duty since.  Why?

The next day 12/18/2015, around 1030 hrs, at least eight inmates, detention captains, two detention sargents, and one detention officer (kitchen security), discovered rodent feces and maggots in food warmers used as the tray assembly line.  Several inmates said that maggots fell/got into potatoes being served, and the Aramark employee on duty, scooped the maggots out, and ordered the inmates to keep putting those same infested potatoes on inmates trays, being served for lunch.  This is as inhumane as it gets.

All of us incarcerated in this facility are somebody’s father (grand) or mother (grand), brother or sister, son or daughter, uncle or aunt, and/or husband or wife.  We are not caged animals that will eat anything to get nourishment.  

They took the infested food warmers out, and I was personally told by the deputy director (Lt. Col. Perkins), that new food warmers were in the warehouse waiting to be delivered.  A week later the same old warmers, a little cleaner, were brought back, and we still use them as of today.

I feel my health, walfare, and safety is in serious jeopardy, because of the severe incidents that have taken place in this facility in the last year.  I am a navy veteran, with health problems (liver damage), that are not being addressed properly either.  The VA Hospital has a treatment to cure this and I have been denied access to this treatment.  TOday, I took a plea bargain, so I can leave this facility in the near future, so I can get the proper medical care.

Hopefully, this letter can get the ball rolling even more, so current or future residents at this facility can be healthy and safe.

Thanks for lending an ear of concern.  I will write in future as to my whereabouts.

  • FV

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