“This jail just sucks as a whole. They let people die.”

Hey –. I got your letter 2day. Glad to hear from you. Glad to know we have people that care like you all. I didn’t see my story in the newsfeed 1’s again. You can put it in there and use my name. I’m not ashamed nor scared. Well, so far things haven’t changed. To me they never will because people don’t care, they act like they do but really don’t. Yes they need to shut this bitch down a.s.a.p. Best believe this is my 1st and last time ever being locked up. Animals get treated better than this. It don’t make any sense. Most of all it’s cold in here, they keep on the air with one lil thin blanket. This jail just sucks as a whole. They let people die. We need more time out and it shouldn’t cost to call home. I wish yall could come inside and look for yallself. They just need to send us home instead of sitting here waiting. Got our life on hold while they out doing whatever. They don’t have the last say-so, God does, and when somebody gets in a fight the whole pod gets locked back for two people and we don’t even get our time back — not fair at all. Me myself, I get along with most of the c.o.’s, well they act like they get along with me Idk!! but today I heard that my name be in their mouth. Well great. Who are they to judge? Just because they have on a brown uniform that don’t mean shit. We are all human. They talked about God so I know the gonna talk about me. Only God can judge me. This is a bullshit jail and I won’t give up until I’m out of these doors. I know that God got me and my family and so do you all. To all my brothers and sisters, we are all going home in Jesus’ name. They can’t hold us down forever. Sincerely, Melanie Battle

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