‘Who invents this idiocy?’

the following is from a prisoner who was transferred from Durham to a state facility.

Feb 4 2016


I got your letter and the books from the Internationalist. I am doing okay. I hate the monotony and lack of color here or any prison setting. Everything about it is built to dull men and ruin them. I feel sad a lot partly because a lot of men here in prison don’t understand the debilitating torture of all things prison (food, clothes, concrete, smart-ass guards).

I really struggle with why I let them get their hands on me again without fighting. Also why I didn’t fight my own demons harder to stay out of their clutches. My attitude toward D.U.I. is different than most. I think driving is fucking dangerous. Drinking, texting, fighting with significant others, kids and all that shit. I think drinking is dumb while driving, like all distractions. Don’t drive or start driving at 1 am going on a family trip. there are drinkers on the road. Realize the risk and idiots that are alive driving. Be careful. I could rant forever on this bullshit. Wasted my life in prison behind drinking and driving. I try to take responsibility but I was not drunk most of the time I got them (DUIs). One beer on a scooter and I was arrested. Bullshit. Sitting beside it. Bullshit. Maybe I am harsh, but we all know the game, people drink, they drive.Take the risk doing it or have the unfortunate event of some idiot hitting you. The road is dangerous. Imprisonment of “offenders” is a crime. Making it worse for society. I’m preaching to the choir, I know. No one likes a drunk driver. So I understand the stigma that I have been labeled with and have perpetuated with my continued behavior. The bottom line is I’m not truly convinced I’m dangerous. Sure, everyone thinks they are cool behind the wheel, but they are not. Anyone can do something stupid and crash into somebody. I never have, but it could happen. I don’t drive if I’m hammered. Don’t wanna crash me and my shit. Selfish, but keeps me and everyone safe. I feel like I’m in prison for a “what if” you hurt someone. Fuck that. As scary as it is one cannot judge people on “well, he could have hurt someone.” Most people don’t. Idiot shit happens. Young guys and girls take wilder chances. We have to deal with it, educate, not incarcerate.

I have been enjoying sunshine and healing. I am trying to get into welding school at Lincolnton prison camp…I have to get my acuity level down, which means stop taking medicine (mental health) and anything really. Choose between health care and education? Who invents this idiocy? I would rather learn so I can work hopefully one day somewhere. I can use all the help I can get…

I hope you are well and enjoying life. Stay free and happy. I am going to get lunch. Sloppy Joe prepared with a toilet brush probably for flavor. Fucking shithole. Hard to believe it’s America behind this chain link.

kin ye,

D. E. D.

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