‘We still place his chair at the table where we eat’

Hello —,

The fellows in Pod 3D, we send our condolences and our prayers out to the family and children of Matthew McCain (R.I.P.)

I read your letter  and we are writing back hopefully to be heard, the hard way.

We laughed , cried, talked, slept, ate and prayed together, every day for 6 months. And (now) we still place his chair at the table where we eat. Anyway, he expressed that he was not getting the right medical attention at the beginning. I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but there was an altercation a couple of days before his death. Me, myself, I believe things could have been avoided/handled a different way. ..

After that he had a seizure, still left in his cell with poor supervision and lack of medical attention and the next morning he was found, not breathing…I saw a lot from where the room is that morning…

Anyway, he just had a lil girl, she looks just like him (gorgeous).

Justice delayed, Justice denied.

What is it that we can do?


4 thoughts on “‘We still place his chair at the table where we eat’

  1. Thank y’all so much for that info ..Matthew is my cuzin me nd him was very close … It bring tears to my eyes reading your statement .. It sounds just like him always pouring his heart out in the bible nd praying .. I miss him everyday …. He was more then my cuzin he was like a brother to me …

  2. It still unreal that he is gone .. So many sleepless night .. So many tears shed since he left this world … Missing him like crazy right now .. Wishing everything is just a dream … But promise everybody that justice will be service .. He didn’t have to leave this soon .. He could still be here with his family nd friends today if it won’t for those who neglected him ….. # justice for Matt

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