‘I just want the pain to stop…’

When I first entered this jail I was asked if I had any medical problems, I told the medical staff yes I did. Prior to entering this jail I was involved in a car accident where I told my AC joint in my shoulder and damaged my rotary cuff. My AC joint was about healed but my rotary cuff was not and still isn’t, it will require surgery. The doctor and the nurses have reviewed my medical records from Duke where I was receiving the treatment I needed which would eventually lead to surgery. I was in need of another MRI first. Anyway my medical records clearly stated the medicines that I am suppose to be taking, but I was told I can not receive them because some of them were narcotics. I believe the doctors words were “I know those rotary cuffs can hurt, I had to have surgery on both of mine” Then he continued on to say that he cant give me anything stronger than Tylenol which I told him multiple occasions was not helping my pain. All this time I’ve been believeing that I cant get anything stronger and now the past 2 weeks I’ve found out I’ve been lied to. The past 2 weeks two people in my pod have had injuries, one was a broken finger the other has a kidney stone. One of them is receiving Hydrocodone for his finger which he just had surgery on and the other has been receiving Tylenol with codeine. Both of these people are receiving narcotic pain killers so why have I been lied to? I’ve been in this jail for 10 months without my much needed surgery which I didn’t know was even a option, thinking I had to get out of here first. I’ve also been in pain everyday I’ve been here because of lies that are being told to me for a reason I’m not sure of. I’m not sure what to do to get help. Put this in your next news letter so hopefully someone can give me the help I need or atleast so the public will be aware of the kind of inhumane treatment I have received in here.

I would also like to state that I am not drug seeking, and there is no reason for them to treat me like I am. I don’t wish to abuse my medication by over doing the recommended amount of by selling it I just want the pain to stop, even surgery if they will allow it so I will no longer require medication at all. Please help me anyway possible even if it’s by just making my story known.


Garrett Hatch

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