“I am having nightmares–what if my son is next?”


This is a brief roundup of reactions to news of the death of Matthew McCain in jail custody a week ago  from people who have been locked up in Durham or who have someone locked up there now. There are expressions of rage, and fear and condolences. It is important to remember that although people may accept this Matthew’s death as normal, it is not normal. And it is not ok.

“I can feel for the Family of Matthew McCain. Because I am going thru the same scenario, to where no lawyer want to take his case against Police Abuse and Brutality. My son was hurt when he was pulled by Durham Police through a broken glass window, then his house was entered illegally and things were taken. I hired a Lawyer but I do not feel He is working for my son. I feel he is working for the DA.”


“I am very frustrated and terrified and after I received this news, I am having nightmares what if (my son) is next? How are we going to protect our family from all of this?”


“I too was incarcerated, although not at that same jail, but during that time I wasn’t given the proper medical treatment either. I was suffering with severe hip pain and was in work release at the time. Upon my release I went to an orthopedic doctor and was told I needed a total hip replacement. On Jan 26, it will be one yr since I had that surgery. Bottom line is although ppl do wrong, they pay for their mistakes and they still have rights and one of those rights is to be provided with necessary medical care. I requested all of my medical records from the jail I was being held in and was refused my own records.”


“I am terrified of this news.. So.. Is there an update ? Was the body of Matthew McCain turned in to his Mother? I am terrified because I also have a son who is in the pod next to Matthew Mccain and he also has a medical condition.”


“My child’s father (was) locked up with (Matthew McCain). His cell is across from his. The officers always ignore them. I’m worried now because he has a problem with breathing at night and he needs to be monitored throughout the night. They have him on lock back right now so I can’t see him for a month. This worries me even more. My condolences go out to the family.”


“I understand. I have a son locked up. They don’t want us black mothers to have anything.You know what? God will make them pay…”


“I am really terrified for my son, he is in a pod very near Matthew McCain’s. He has a High Blood Pressure, and I am not sure if they are giving him his medication.”


“Accountability is not up for negotiations in a system that protects itself. The majority of the staff that work in the DCJ are weak willed, insecure, low esteemed people with an absolute ignorance on personal and social morality. How much can we really blame a detention staff that are mentally incompetent to deal with people who need help – in spite of the crimes ‘allegedly’ their accused of. It’s a morally sick staff that is as arrogant and hard hearted as a serial killer with no remorse. And what’s more baffling is that the negligent staff act like they’re really getting something from torturing people. Officer (Erick) Boria is consciousless…….and that attitude of the heart has been conditioned from a leadership bent on mafia tactics to control their segment. Any staff that deviates from this norm doesn’t last long and the behaviors continue. Any law enforcement entity that polices themselves will never be held accountable. It’s gonna take a village and a miracle from God to crack this illuminatic system.”


“The system hasn’t changed at all its been this way for many many years. The people we r suppose to trust to protect us r just as corrupt as the worse criminal there is. They lie an cover up for each other because they r a brotherhood they abuse people physically an for those working as drug task officers they r as guilty as the person they seize the drugs from. I have seen it it’s been a corrupt system since Peewee Green was a bondsman an before then so that tells u how far back all this goes an started. My friend was a Durham County Sheriff years ago an he said they can do what they want an he’s right because they do. The sad part is that they will be judged one day an have to answer to the higher power an until then they need to pray daily for their family because their family is no better than the next an lady karma is a real bitch an their family member may pay for their ignorance one day. Its happened. They get no respect they don’t give it an sure dont deserve it. They r nobody they r just like us an we can an do have a fun an can purchase a Barney phife badge at the dollar tree. Crooked system.”


“When people are jailed.. the sherrif dept, police dept, lawyers.. just assume they are all criminals. That is what frustrates me. Thank you .. I really appreciate that I am not alone.

Thanks again.

We shall see. I hope that his body is now turned over to his MOM. I can’t  imagine..”


“i was incarcerated (at Durham jail) numerous times and everytime i witnessed their neglegent behavior. i hope they all be punished for this man death. RIP Matthew”


“This is just mindboggling… I was incarcerated there in 2001…doesn’t look like things have changed at all! I was there for 9 months and that’s a long time for a female inmate. I’ve often thought that that jail was way worse than others but I’ve never had another jail to compare it to. I hope and pray that his family gets the answers that they deserve. I feel that it’ll be swept under the rug so to speak though… No human being deserves to be treated that way. My thoughts and prayers go out to Matthews family, may you all find peace one day.”


“Absolutely despicable! If a correction officer doesn’t want to do their job, or is unable to do their job, time to leave and take the obviously incompetent sheriff with you!”


“Thank you for exposing Mr McCain’s death. From Allah we come to Allah we return.”


And: “When are y’all gonna start protesting again? Cause we really need to.”


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