‘Whoever is in supervision should be subject to criminal charges’


How are you and the I.O.A. family doing out there?? Hope that this letter finds you all in the best of health!

First of all, I would like to thank you for the stamps you sent. They were very much appreciated!

As for me, same ol’ same here at DCCC (Durham County Concentration Camp)!! Hasn’t too much changed around here!

Oh yeah, have you all heard about the unsanitary conditions in the kitchen? It’s so nasty in there (this comes from other inmates that used to work in the kitchen before), that they need to bring hazmat in here, and quarantine the kitchen (more or less quarantine this whole place)!!


Whomever over supervision should be subject to criminal charges!!

Rat feces and maggots!! Now does society believe that we are living in inhuman conditions, in this modern day concentration camp?? What more can we possibly do to prove this??

But other than that, just another day going through different phases of oppression from the staff here at DCCC!

So until next time…

Your brother in the struggle,

Gregory Wilson

*note: the documented presence of maggots in food Aramark was serving prisoners in Michigan was an impetus for the termination of that state’s contract with the company.

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