‘Things changing slowly but surely’


What’s up IOA

One day I was out for my 1.5 hour walk and I realized something…Everybody looks forward to mail and visits. When it’s all said and done I know I and have seen people cry after a visit. It’s people in here that got kids out there in the world that need them. It hurts me real bad. I really do feel for them. I hate seeing people sad. I hate that we all in here hoping and praying that we get a letter or visit or money on our books. I wish/want better for my people. As far as myself go, still trying to shake the fact that I’m still in my room, still locked back/admin. Hate this place. I’m not an animal. Officers come up to me a lot and tell me they hate the way they be treating me and it’s officers that be like they know I’m not the person they trying to make me out to be. I’m really a good-hearted person if you took the time to get to know me.

It’s a girl in here that say whoever handle the money took her money that her family gave her for Christmas but another girl got her money for Christmas that her family gave her. So DCJ done went from assaulting people to ripping up people mail to hold/not sending out mail to stealing inmates’ money. I don’t understand.

I seen what that dude Perry look like, he reminds you of JJ Evans from Good Times tv show (lol).

So check this out, I came up with a new motto and new name for DCJ: ready…Motto: GET FUCKED or BE FUCKED! Meaning flirt with the officer and give them some play or get treated badly. New Name: “The Play House.” Reason I say that is because some of the female officers and sergeants have really tight pants on, I mean I’m surprised they ain’t got a yeast infection yet. The officers and sergeants with tight pants are the ones wit “junk in their trunk.” It’s a lot of junk, too, not a little but a lot. There’s also a hood/ ghetto officers in here that swear up and down somebody talking about her. Her name Ms. Henderson. Hood and ghetto fabulous.

So I found out the female sergeant name that’s always trying to buck up at people, her name Sgt Royster. That mug told me one day, “This ain’t what you want.” I told her ass, “I ain’t scared of you.”

Things is changing slowly but surely. The officers, sgts, lts, major, nobody can “subdue” people in the cells no more. They are cleaning the trays more thoroughly now, they don’t have leftover food on them no more, at least not on mine. Oh yeah, Ms. Gibbs from the Channel 11 news, she the new person that’s over public relation (at the jail). She came like right after Christmas sometime and had pictures taken of the cell downstairs. Hope they got good ones. I seen Major Couch, too, he was grilling me. The only only they gone make me be quiet is if they pay me, I swear I need ‘bout 30 million cause for one I’m gone get X-rays of my head to double check and make sure everything good. Cause I swear my head don’t feel good. Oh yeah and I heard that Durham County got the lowest pay rate and they got to buy the food we eat. Even though we only get real food on Christmas and Thanksgiving when other counties get real food every day. And the rest of my money is for a better life for my family and the people that’s out struggling. I would give back and get my son back.

Until later.                                                                                           Always,

Genapher, aka Sleepy

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