The force of dominoes

Have you ever took the time out of your day to converse with the less fortunate and less capable? You ever thought of how blessed you are just to wake up with your full mind, body and senses? If you really ponder upon the last question and ask yourself, “What have I been taking for granted?” You’ll realize that just because you might be financially without doesn’t mean you’re down bad, as I like to say. Even to those individuals who don’t understand waking up in your own bed, doing what you want when you want, even as simply as being able to bathe when you want. You, yes you reading this, are blessed. Now that we’ve covered that and I hope you understand what I’m getting at. Pass your blessing, help and aid the world with your capabilities. One person, one city, one state, one county at a time, the more who understand this quickly written essay, the more power and the more force we can put into making this world a better place.

Take one domino for instance: with one you have little to no force, but the more you add the more power you gain, then it’s up to whoever is pushing these dominoes in order to determine which direction this force is headed.

Thank you, Daquan Coleman, aka The Lion that Slept

Take heed.


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