‘Let’s pull this humongous tree by the root’

Hey brother,

I apologize about the other individuals that I promised to send toward you (with drawings), let’s say “I tried.” But to try is to fail, and with no super code that’s what I did. I am currently inside the hole for getting into a confrontation with someone twice, if not three, times my size. But that shows people I fight and stand for what I believe in. 

I appreciate the recognition on the New Years’s. Yes I’ve seen the banner of spirit y’all have produced. I liked the demonstration, too. NYEpic.

I also love it that y’all are taking action against the jail by attempting to get in and investigate. Oh yeah, no one has wrote me yet. I understand peoples have lives out there, I encourage them to enjoy them to the fullest, lord knows I will. But here’s what I have to say this go around. You see, as brothers in the struggle fighting for a change we must realize that we can change and help individuals, too. You see this might be on a smaller scale, but over time it will create a greater impact. Think about it like this: if you plant a seed, it grows, flowers and spreads its seeds out into the world. That’s the same thing you’re doing. Let’s not only fight this jail, let’s pull this humongous tree by the root and change and direct the lives of impoverished children.

You see, when I was growing up I had a couple of mentors, positive at first, negative a the end. Long story short, when my positive mentors left I turnt to the streets looking for guidance and a couple of years later, here I am. Now I feel as if this is my personal legend, but this doesn’t have to be for those coming up. Invest in the youth, they are the future. Will we keep protesting the jail and not try to change the future of it. If there are no future inmates, there is nothing to protest, invest. Please make moves to this. Take heed and make a change person by person. Take care, —. Your brother, The Lion.

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