‘It sucks the way they treat us’


Hi my name is Quadarius Evans. It sucks the way they treat us in Durham County Jail. My pops has been trying to come down here and see me for the past couple of months. But the way that they have it for you to sign up is crazy. I think they should go back to the old way. Me and my brother Travon are locked up together. In order for our father to come see us he has to wait a whole ‘nother week before he comes and sees the one he didn’t see last week. And I feel like the mental health staff is some bullshit. I tried to ask them could me and my brother Travon sit down and talk to each other, and they said they does not do that.

Phone calls started out at 15 minutes, now it’s down to 10 and the mail it takes you forever to get it. Since they call it Durham County Prison we should get 15 minute phone calls and mail Monday through Saturday.

I just want to thank you guys for everything that y’all have did for us and I don’t care if you use my name in the newsletter

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