‘I can’t even give a name to it…’

Jan 1st 2016


First off I want to thank you and all those that has been protesting for us every Friday. I also got in the window New Year’s Eve to watch you guys march. I honestly don’t know where to start! After reading the newsletter from the other inmates they pretty much narrowed it down. I’m currently housed in pod 3B, the male booking pod, but there’s 8 inmates including myself that’s housed in this pod on administrative segregation, which means we don’t go upstairs to population and we only get 1 hour 30 minutes a day out of our rooms, not a minute more. Which is hard for a lot of us at times because we don’t get the privileges the other inmates get in regular population. We’re stuck in our rooms 22 ½ hours a day. We can’t all come out at once, we have to walk in groups. And this pod is filthy. A lot of the guards don’t let us clean, so when people come in off the streets there’s a strong possibility that they could find molded food, trash or piss in the toilet backed up, there’s mold in our showers and half of them flood…The rooms are like walk-in freezers, sometimes it gets so cold to the point I can’t feel my fingers. I don’t know about other pods, but I know guards down here like to open the rec yard door at night and freeze us and as you know there’s nothing that can be done about it. We’re their slaves. I know you have heard a lot of stories about the food—it’s pitiful. I mean I wouldn’t even feed a lot of this shit to my dog. Most of the food they give us I can’t even give a name to it it looks so bad…I’ve been trying to get out of Admin as well as a couple others, but Major Couch the head of jail security has one of those ‘I go home at the end of the day’ attitudes. He always has a reason why he doesn’t want to do something or help out an inmate like a lot of his junior officers. I mean nobody down here has gotten into any trouble within the last 3 to 4 months. So I don’t know why we have to serve a double punishment. I mean, damn I’m already in jail.



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