‘They need to SHUT THIS JAIL DOWN’

  • There’s no fresh air here nor any way to exercise!
  • The mats we sleep on are flat and dirty!


Thanks for protesting for us. The medical here is shit. They don’t help us. The food is not good, always cold and very unhealthy. The officers who work here treat us like shit, excuse my language. They talk to us like we’re dogs. The whole entire jail is nasty and unfit to live in. There’s no kind of schooling. It’s very cold in here year round. They keep us locked down like dogs in a cage. Canteen is too high, everything is overpriced. Medical sick calls too high. They look at our charges and treat us like animals. Some people don’t have shoes, shower shoes, t-shirts, boxers and thermo tops and bottoms to stay warm. I myself have bought others shower shoes, socks, boxers, t-shirt and food snacks to help out, in which I feel that is how I get my blessing from God to live another day to help another out. Haircuts should be every 2 weeks instead of once a month. We need real toothbrushes, and pencils to write with. They hate to pass out supplies. Overall this plantation they call a jail needs to be shut down and the feds need to take over, fire all these officers and hire ones who care and will do their job. Some officers here are okay, but you can count them on one hand. I feel inmates in here would rather be dead than to be locked up in this jail. They fight us, stun us, and if they could get away with it they’d kill us! I just wanted you to know it’s really bad in here. I don’t care if you use my name, Chris Mason. I have nothing to hide, it’s all true what I’ve said. I could go on and on about this jail. They need to shut this jail down. Thanks IOA, much love and respect to you all for all you all have did and do. Words can never thank you all enough…

Christopher Mason

I plan to help join you all when I get out, omg I can’t wait my brothers and sisters!

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