Cleaning up for visitors?

We received word from someone inside that late last week inmates were being made to wash the floors of their cells and scrub up. This was out of the ordinary, as everyone was being made to do it, not just those on work detail, and they were told to make it all look especially clean. “We have some important people coming in,” a detention officer told the inmate who then told us. Could it have been a cleanup to welcome county commissioner Brenda Howerton? Funny the sheriff didn’t say that in his facebook post.

Then, just yesterday in his pod were getting thrown out and they were being replaced with new mats. These mats have long been a source of disgust, worry, and struggle. He says they were just piling them up on the floor. He’s never seen this before and he’s been there nearly a year and a half. He thinks this is another cleanup job. But who for?


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