“All they have to do is send people home and make sure that we come to court”

Note: In an October 2015 news release, Sheriff Andrews said the time out of cells had increased to 8 hours. Here is yet another report from inside refuting his claim: total time out = 6.5 hours.


You’re welcome. Anytime you need any information is fine with me. I’m so tired of the struggle being in here. It’s so hard especially when I didn’t do anything. They keep us locked back so much, like we’re animals. I’m OK, just taking it one day at a time, that’s all I can do. We come out every day 9-12:45 and 4-6:45. Wish we could stay out 9-10:45 at nite. A trustee is someone who has been here for a long minute. We clean the showers, clean up after each lock back, clean the rooms when someone leaves. One of the c.o.’s choose [who] it is. I wish I could work on work detail but my bond is too high. When your bond is high/real high, we can’t do work detail. All they have to do is send people home and make sure that we come to court…. Wish I could be out with you all instead of being in here. Yes it is very hard to deal with especially over the holidays. I’m trying to stay positive. It’s hard. Real hard. Thank you so much.


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