‘You’re like a hero to the women too afraid to confront the guards’

from Genapher Page: This letter was written to me from a girl that left today and I wanted to share with I.O.A. It made me smile. The name “Sleepy” is a name that was given to me 7 years ago from people in the street cause I look “sleepy” all the time.

the letter was rolled up tight.

Friday 12/4/15

Things are tryin to change


I admire your courageousness, standing up to the guards, even taking a few swings none of us would dare do. It sucks you’re on lockback, we probably would have enjoyed getting to know each other. STAY STRONG!! You’re like a hero to the women in here too afraid to confront the guards themselves. Just the little we’ve spoken through the vent, I bet we’d have a kick ass time on a road trip! It’s only 6-8 hours each way and I’ve got a nice 2-door Accord with VTEC engine like a sports car! 🙂

You’ve got much love from the pod and this ordeal will be over one day, I PROMISE. Just try to appreciate the standards here, food, showers, books, mail/phones, TV/clock, etc…In rural Texas, Mexico, India, Africa, it is NOT so nice, it’s deplorable, bread and gruel, sleeping on floor or ground, no heat/AC, no medical, no library, no contact w/ outside…Just be glad you weren’t caught somewhere else in the world!!

Keep your chin up–this too shall pass.

Best regards, —

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