‘The move is on us’


I really like this month’s issue (of the newsletter)…The pod I’m in is — and it isn’t much going on in here. I really like the fact I inspired you all about the New Year’s thing, and yes, I think the time was overdue to cancel the weekly protest. It’s time to take more advancive action…You see, the outside world looking in doesn’t see y’all as any type of powerful force. They say, “Shit, they just sticking to the small stuff, nothing to worry about.” You see, —, and other readers: the ones really pulling the invisible strings are sitting comfortable, plotting on their next major move to take them higher and keep us under their control. I believe we should aim higher. With numbers, smarts, courage and dedication, we have a political, social and economical force to be reckoned with. The move is on us. The ball is in our court. Let’s change the future and write history. –The Lion

P.S. Tell any other individuals feel free to write if you wanna talk, they know the address.

to write: Daquan D. Coleman, B29426, P.O. Box 771, Durham, NC 27702

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