‘As I was sitting on my bunk:’ a call to freedom fighters


Never mind nothing written on the back here, I didn’t have any more paper. Also, never mind that I didn’t reply to the letter you wrote back to me. This letter and poems you’re receiving is pre-written and my most talented work of art. We’ve been talking for a while about this new revolution that we’re in the process of producing. We’ve also chatted on the idea of a new social class (I like that idea the most). But as I was sitting on my bunk thinking about the ordeals overseas and at “home” with the Islamic extremist I began to wonder, will the people in America fight for justice, truth, freedom, peace and equality that hard? As that question pleaded in my mind I thought let me ask (IOA), and by asking you I knew the question wold hit the website so really I’m asking everybody who is reading this: will you sacrifice for the cause at hand? You know it’s a lot of individuals content with their situation. They could care less about 1. police brutality; 2. high rate of incarceration (esp. for people of African descent); 3. poverty; 4. the controlling 10%; 5. outright injustice. But are you the one that cares, are you the one that wanna see your kids and grandkids living in a better world? Are you the one who gonna take a stand?!

It’s time for a change, yeah, a lot of us understand that, but who’s gonna fight? Now, of course I’m not saying blow yourself up. I’m saying “Let’s come together, fight and realize our dreams of a better place.” I’m saying, let’s take this to the next level!

The Lion that Slept

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