‘Walking the streets of Durham with death in tow’

three poems by the Lion

18 Years

Tho my life has just begun

I feel aged from all the things I done.

I take heed from all the things I saw

I am wise for the path in which I search for knowledge

You see my life has just begun 18 years ago

Fatherless without direction 18 years in a row

Walking the streets of Durham with death in tow

Living day to day not knowing what’s in store

You see my life has just begun 18 years ago

My decisions have caused me a lot of grief

But also gave me many a feast

I’m still trying to conquer this beast which they call poverty

My soul cries out for justice, while I commit my wrong

My heart searches for truth while everything feels so wrong.

You see my life just started 18 years ago.



The internal war in which we all fight

Soldiers of conscience of wrong and rights

This internal war which affects your outer growth.

When victories of either side can harden your heart to hope.

The war where the outcome can be mental life or death

Either days of hope or nights of stress.

This internal war where the fights make the man.

The continuous war that goes on until complete demise.


Dreams of the lands


I’ve seen the valleys of golden wealth.

Where the streets are paved of gold.

Where hunger is a part of imagination and poverty doesn’t hunt a soul.

I’ve seen the valley of the shadows, where death makes his rounds.

Where ravens are the most beautiful birds and sorrow is around every curve.

The valley in which life has no place, where individuals kill to save face,

Where enlightenment is light years away.

I seen the valley of nourishment

Where exotic fruits are ripe and streams of milk and honey flow.

Oh, yes, I’ve seen it all, but to which place shall I go?



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