Prisoner remembers attack by officers: ‘They beat me while I was handcuffed!’

Peace be with you:

Many shall come, yet only a few will be accepted and those that are rejected reject themselves and realize it not.

So what’s going on with your life? How have you been attacking the negative, and non-productive forces? I believe, though I haven’t heard from you lately that you’re in the struggle.

I look for your name often when  I read the newspaper and always visualize your being there in the midst of things when there’s something going on concerning police brutality and misconduct.

I looked at an article the other day in the N & O titled “Sheriff asks feds to inspect Durham’s jail,” dated 12/11/15 at page 2A, col. 1, thereof relating to protests over concerns of poor conditions at the jail.

They (N&O) mentioned your (group) “IOA” and a member named —–  —–. 

That got me to thinking; how could IOA assist me in my struggle with this pending civil suit in U.S. District court, middle district, against the nine detention officers there at DCDF, and how can I assist in the struggle by helping to expose these authorities?

Well, I decided to run it by you and look for some positive feedback.

I don’t know if you recall, but out of the few lawsuits I have pending, one is against the Durham Sheriff’s Department (DCDF) in Greene vs Harry Minor, Comeshia Johnson, Michael Jones, Tara Holloway, Edward Ross, Augustus Collier, Herschel Moore, Stanley Brown, and P.D. Elliott.  civil action # 1:14-cv-00153.

Asst. County Attorney Marie Inserra represents all defendants except P.D. Elliott, who is represented by Willie S. Darby, asst. county attorney.

P.D. Elliott has retired. He’s the officer who humiliated and tortured me, and was choking me with a shirt while I was handcuffed behind my back at DCDF on Aug. 21 2011. He tried to get away!

The other defendants beat me and Sgt. Jones gave me a concussion–hit me in my forehead while I was handcuffed behind my back! The others also stood passively by and failed to intervene while I was getting beaten, stomped, choked and verbally assaulted and battered, inter alia.

I was not written up for any infraction for assaulting an officer, or anyone. They claimed that I was acting insolent and irate, due to them having had torn up the cell after a search and I found my Holy Qu’ran on the floor with other religious materials, and legal works torn and crumpled up! Also, it was the month of Ramadan and my food tray had been thrown away for no reason except to discriminate against me and punish me for speaking up and helping others on the pod with legal work and grievances.

They got P.D. Elliott, on tape, with the shirt twisted around my neck, choking me!

I’m to get a trial date, hopefully for January — March 2016, if they don’t settle properly.

I sued for excessive force, unnecessary force, and unjustifiable force, exposing me to unsanitary conditions, while they had me strip search, on a nasty, wet, and cold shower floor; denial of prompt medical attention, care and treatment; denial and hampering my appeal process, from the disciplinary process when I challenged it. Appeal papers got missing, all of a sudden! Denial of due process and equal protection; retaliation and religious discrimination, inter alia.

They had no reasons to beat me! And they beat me while handcuffed!

Anyway, I’m at the end–almost. I’ve gotten past their motions for dismissal for all defendants but three. All that’s left is summary judgment, settlement, or trial.

Question: Do you know any of those mentioned defendants above? do you have any information about them? Do you know anyone who has filed any grievance and or complaints against any of them?

Do you have any information or anyone who’ll testify or write an affadavit about the unsanitary conditions and assaultive behaviors of d.o.’s at DCDF?

Anyone who had any problems being denied their rights to practice their faith without interference and discrimination;

Anyone who has been retaliated against for filing grievances and complaints against DCDF staff;

Use of excessive force, and/or denial of prompt medical attention in a timely manner; or being issued false misbehavior reports/infractions? …

What type of media attention, or online attention to my case can your organization assist with in helping expose DCDF staff and misconduct, and helping to bring about justice?

My eyesight is blurred now, from the assault and I have torn ligaments and rotator cuff tears in my left shoulder from the assault and the pulling and tugging violently on my  arms while handcuffed!!

Are there any ways for you to get any affadavits or memos, or is it possible that you can send me any of those letters that the IOA and Durham Jail Investigation tEam members have been reviewing and categorizing about the more than 350 letters sent over the past three years by inmates?

Who, and what do you have that I can use as evidence against DCDF? …

In the struggle,


Peace. May Allah bless you and family, amen.

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