‘They say ‘sir’ while kicking the shit out of us’

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. I’ve been busy!

They are continually housing state inmates with county detainees and it is causing problems…I myself have been constantly double bunked with county detainees and am told they can bunk me with whoever they want. We state inmates are regarded as regular detainees, when we are not. I work 35 to 40 hours a week for Aramark without pay, however I eat well, better than the others. I have not seen any caseworker, and they fucked up my release date to keep me here longer. My lawyer…is working to help me get it fixed, but it’s slow going. 

GTL phone system is a racket, extorting millions of dollars from inmates all over the country. It can cost up to $3.50 to make a local 10 minute phone call. This needs to STOP. We are not given enough water every day, we have to drink chlorinated chemical city tap water in our cells, nasty, while guards enjoy fresh bottled distilled water. This is the worst experience I’ve ever gone through in my life. I will never drink n drive again, but this is cruel and unusual punishment! Which has changed me into a more resentful, against the state voter!!

This establishment is wrong! What and how they treat people in here is wrong, but they make up or “cover their own asses” by saying “sir” and “ma’am” while kicking the shit out of us. I haven’t been abused in this way but have seen it happen!

Again, sorry it took so long to write back. Keep in touch, as will I.


K. M.

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