‘I think a community investigation will cause a lot of attention to be drawn’

Hey —

What’s been up? Guess what I found in my property when I made the move? All those great books that (Internationalist Prison Books Collective–Durham) sent me, but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to bring them into the prison, but I did donate them….

I appreciate all the support and care from all of my IOA family. I’m still going through processing but I understand that I’m recommended to stay here at (CP), so if you decide to send books that would be great. I watch the news a little more here in Raleigh, so I know you guys are real busy. I also read the articles about Alston and Smith being fired. I know both of them, I also know Sleepy the girl that they jumped on. I think that a community investigation and survey of inmates is great and will cause a lot of attention to be drawn on DCJ.

I always enjoy your correspondence and friendship. I hope to hear from you soon…I don’t want to start spilling on you about the recent shootings and political firestorm, but I’ll save that for the next one.

Until next time,


P.S. Happy Holidays

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