‘The whole survey was a sham’

Dec 13 2015

Dear –

Thank you for your quick response…I will be sure to keep in touch…

Well, the 10th and 11th came and left and I have had no one from the “NCCHC” talk to me, survey me or any other inmate that I know of. I spoke with officers that said they were interviewed. What good is that? They are not the ones receiving medical treatment. Correct Care Solutions and Durham County Detention Facility suppressed the participation of the survey. I plan to follow up on this matter. I feel my grievances are going improperly answered. I am hoping you all will look into the matter as well. They quietly posted a notice in our pod at 1:30 pm Dec. 1. Mind you mail would not be picked up again until Dec. 2 after 10:00 a.m (at the earliest. So how could it make it to Chicago before Dec. 5th, which was a Saturday, which mean the letter of request had to be there by Friday Dec. 4th.

So the whole thing was a “sham.” Just something to look good for the media. There are others with my viewpoint. If there is anything I can do to help the cause let me know.

Thank you for your concerns about my health. I have lost some weight due to my “diet.” I was never a very large man, I’m under 200 lb now, but yes I do be hungry. But if I have to choose hunger or a needle daily I’ll go hungry!

And for the record, the thing with Mrs. Alston and Mrs. Smith is being blown way out of proportion. The young lady had been a constant problem. You must understand they are human, and the young lady attacked first. I could see the fight. Not saying they were right for what they did. I am sure the situation could have been handled better than it was, and more professionally. But things happen quick. They are in jeopardy of being attacked and hurt at any given time. Maybe better “p.r.” training is needed instead of flat screen t.v.’s and colorful uniforms, maybe counseling for stressed-out officers who have personal issues at home is needed. You must understand these people are underpaid and work 12 hour shifts plus most work 2nd jobs to support themselves. They drink coffee and energy drinks and god knows what other drugs to stay awake and alert (I wonder do they undergo random drug tests). Bottom line is what happened that day was a combination of a lot of mistakes on many people on both sides. I see a lot and have been a victim of officers abusing their power. I could tell you stories. I have filed many grievances on officers to get them off my back. They work (the grievances). It just takes continuing pressure and time. Something most inmates don’t have patience for. They want immediate action. That’s not going to happen, and that’s when they go “acting the fool,” cursing, kicking doors, yelling which gives officers the “right” to do mean things and exercise “force.” I have made officers follow policy mainly by knowing the policy, knowing what my rights are, and using grievances to the sgts, lt, majors, captains to instruct the officers of the policy which they may not understand themselves.

They come in out of high school thinking whatever they say goes because they are in brown uniforms. They feel they can judge and convict us when they are only paid to detain us. And look out for our safety. They allow their personal “views” of our situation or charges to interfere with them doing their jobs properly. Sometimes I am more afraid of officers  than the inmates. I have had officers tell other inmates my charges just so the inmate will jump on me. Because the officer can’t do it. (Lucky I can fight, now people think twice about coming at me). But my points are that the officers sometimes take things personal and inmates step out of line. But that’s part of being human. They are “dragging” the officers’ names through the mud. My bible teaches me to forgive, no one is perfect but the father in heaven. Feel free to print this and use my real name! Thanks.

Justin Gattis


Wishing everyone at IOA a safe and joyful holiday. Be blessed.

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