‘It makes us black men bitter and have hatred…’


What’s going on main man, yes this is –. I hope all is well with you. I pose to went to trial Nov 30, they pushed it off to January to get a new trial date. I been locked up in DCJ for 51 months without trial and they still stealing time out of me. I need you to contact my mother and give her whoever number she can call to put pressure on the D.A. Please write a newsletter to the Durham paper about me because it doesn’t take 51 months to take a person to trial. I hate I have to tell my son ima miss his birthday, christmas and new years for the fourth time in his life. That’s very painful. They don’t care about inmates’ lives. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty. I’m very tired of this court system and jailhouse. It makes us black men bitter and have hatred in our heart that was good as gold.

Take care.


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